Treat Yourself with Aromatherapy Shock

Treat yourself with a full sensory spa experience! Our non-chlorine spa shock is a great way to keep water clear with the added benefit of aromatherapy. Like our unscented spa shock, this chemical is proven to keep water clear and odor free quickly, allowing you to hop into the hot tub after just 5 minutes of application in circulating spa water.


Before applying spa shock of any kind, make sure that the alkalinity, pH, and chlorine levels are balanced. This will allow for the oxygen-based spa shock to work properly; because spa shock is oxygen based, it is called an oxidizer.


Oxidizers break down organic wastes that can lead to the growth of chloramines. Chloramines are collections of dead bacteria that can build up in hot tub water and can cause issues like cloudy water, scum buildup, odors, skin and eye irritation. Don’t let these bacteria zombies keep you from enjoying your spa retreat! Properly sanitize your hot tub water, keep your water balanced, and keep your chlorine amount within a healthy range.

What you’ll need to use Aromatherapy Shock:

1. Quick 5 or Quick 7 Test Strips: we used Quick 7 in our video but either version works for determining if your water is balanced

2. WATER TRENDS Aromatherapy Spa Shock

3. (Optional) Measuring Cup: use the ounce (oz.) unit of measurement When testing your hot tub water, consider the bather load. More bathers and/or frequent hot tub use will alter the water chemistry and may need treatment with different chemicals. - Light bather load: 1-2 bathers once a week: test at least once every 10 days - Medium bather load: 2 bathers a few times a week: test once a week - Heaver bather load: 3+ bathers a few times a week or a hot tub party: test 2-3x a week When adding chemicals to a hot tub: - The spa cover should be open. - Turn off air boosters. - Follow directions on the container for safely opening, dispersing, and storing spa care chemicals. - For Free Chlorine readings: if using a Nature2 purifier, a reading of 1 ppm is safe. If not using a Nature2 purifier, a Free Chlorine reading of 3 ppm is recommended.

For more details about treating your hot tub water, you can contact us at or visit your local Great Escape store to speak to a spa specialist. We’re happy to help!