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Alqonguin, Illinois 60102 Open Today: 10:00AM - 8:00PM
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Dive into Summer: Your Complete Guide to New Pool Installation

Dive into Summer: Your Complete Guide to New Pool Installation
Celebrate Your New Pool Adventure!
Congratulations! Your decision to add a new pool to your home promises endless summer fun and relaxation for family and friends. It's an exciting journey from the moment you pick your perfect pool to the first splash.

Planning Your Pool Paradise
You've selected the perfect pool—now, where to place this oasis? How will it arrive, and what goes into its construction? These questions are essential to ensure a smooth installation and future enjoyment.

Expertise at Every Step
Fear not! Our pool experts and delivery teams are ready to navigate this journey with you, from start to finish.

  1. Start Smart - Know Before You Dig: Before breaking ground, it's crucial to know what lies beneath. Most utility services are underground, so reach out to your local surveying services. They'll mark any electric, gas, water, sewer, sprinkler, and telecom lines for free. Ensure to comply with town permits and HOA rules, setting the stage for a safe and approved installation.
  1. Gear Up for Delivery Day: Next, it's all about preparation. We'll inform you of the delivery date for your pool materials, which usually come on one or two 4’ x 4’ pallets. We take care to move these pallets to your garage, safeguarding them from the elements until installation day. Remember, delivery and installation are separate events, so schedule accordingly!
  1. Prepare for Transformation: Installation day is transformative but can be messy. The mighty Bobcat will make its mark, shifting earth to carve out your pool's new home. Yes, it will disrupt your grass and create piles of earth—that’s part of the magic. Decide beforehand if you'll repurpose the soil or if you'd prefer our team to haul it away for an additional fee.
  1. The Installation Playbook: When installation day arrives, it’s all about precision and expertise:
  • The Groundwork: Our team starts by meticulously measuring and leveling the future site of your pool to ensure a perfect foundation. We then mark the area with precision, setting the stage for the main event.
  • Raising the Framework: With a focus on stability and durability, we construct the pool's framework. Tracks are positioned to define the pool’s perimeter, and robust supports are strategically placed to ensure a solid structure.
  • Laying the Foundation: We carefully prepare a smooth sand base, shaping it to form a secure bed that will cradle your pool. The liner is then expertly installed, ready for the first rush of water that will transform it into your personal oasis.

Remember, surprises like weather can cause delays, so stay in touch with your salesperson for real-time updates.

  1. Final Flourishes: As the water settles, our team installs the final touches—skimmer, return, filtration system—while packing materials are left tidy for disposal. Note, electrical and heating setups are on your to-do list.

Seal the Deal with Professional Touches
Post-installation, it's wise to have an electrician and pool specialist visit to ensure everything is shipshape. And don't forget to test your water with us at Great Escape—it's complimentary!

Welcome to Poolside Bliss
Once the technical bits are handled, it's time to bask in the glow of your new aquatic haven. Inflate the floaties, call your friends, and dive into the joy of your new pool!

For a visual guide of the entire process from start to finish, watch our video here:

Be sure to like, share, and subscribe to our YouTube channel for pool care tips, water maintenance guides, and more!
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