What to Look for in a Hot Tub

“Good looking, bright, will always have my back…Is that too much to ask?”

Finding the perfect hot tub can be a lot like finding the right date on a game show: rushed, confusing and overwhelming. There are many options available but like everyone out there shopping for the perfect balance, your time is short and your attention span is shorter. Hot tub features can be fun to explore and when you find the best fit and feel, it’s a match made in heaven.

  1. It’s all about the features: There’s a reason we’re all drawn to Las Vegas. We love the lights and the pizzazz! A tub can also have fun features that make us come back for more, like LED lighting coupled with an amazing Bluetooth stereo system.

Most models feature interior LEDs for magical underwater light shows that are entertaining for the whole family. Exterior lighting is also available for nights when you want the hot tub to add that extra flair to your backyard ambiance. Coupled with the right music, your tub will be the star of the night!

  1. Waterfalls for relaxing: Luckily for us, they’re not only found in the jungle. Many hot tubs incorporate a waterfall feature because they create a relaxing, soothing sound. Depending on the model, waterfall features can also have backlighting with changing colors.

The important thing to note when choosing a tub with a waterfall feature is the type of pump used to create it. Waterfalls that run through smaller pumps will be quieter and provide a more tranquil environment. Others that work via the primary pumps will be louder but still provide the welcome option.

  1. Jet set: Even if you’re new to hot tub lingo, you’ve most likely heard about these amazing little guys. Jets create pressurized water flow to give you the amazing hydro massage you love. Always remember that superior jet quality is more important than quantity. Hot tub models offer different jet types, which provide an array of massages with targeted points for specific muscle groups.

It’s hard to agree on anything nowadays, let alone preferred massage type. Jet variety will prevent any future arguments about massage preferences and allow everyone to enjoy the relaxation of the tub.

  1. That seat’s taken: Each seat in a hot tub is designed to accommodate people of all shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, the seats are not custom made to your height upon purchase so it’s a good idea to try sitting in a dry tub to check the fit of your preferred spot. We recommend testing the lounge seat first!
  2. A color to love: We all have different tastes, which helps explain why polka dots never really go out of style. It only makes sense that you have the option to customize the color of your hot tub’s shell and cabinet. Afterall, the look of your tub will make it one of the highlights of your home or patio. Most manufacturers offer an array of colors to choose from so you can go bold and modern or keep things understated and elegant.
  3. True worth: Let’s be real. You’ll want to ask how much your ideal tub is going to cost to run and maintain every month. Nobody likes paying bills and the more costly the bill, the moodier we get. The truth of the matter is some hot tubs cost more to run than others due to obsolete insulation and less efficient pumps. It’s not an exciting conversation to have but still important when it comes to enjoying your tub. Set your expectations realistically and your investment will be satisfying instead of stressful.

We can talk about the importance of customization, reliability, and affordability at length but ultimately the choice is up to you based on your needs and what feels right. A hot tub is a gift you give to yourself and the whole family, providing relaxation in the comfort of home. Go ahead, fall in love with the experience!