Smart Pool Base: Pool Smarts From the Bottom Up

The Great Escape — created to safe-guard your pool liner from rips and tears due to ground shift, and ensure perfect pool shape. Bonus — it also helps you keep your pool cleaner, eliminating craters in your liner that can hold dirt and debris.

How Does It Work?

The unique design of Smart Pool Base hinges on a chemically neutral foam coving that rests along the perimeter of your pool wall. Its firmness eliminates the risk of movement and natural erosion, which can often times cause unnecessary pressure on the liner seams leading to wear and tear.

The Smart Pool Base fabric is one piece, brilliantly designed and pre-cut to create a safe environment for all pool bottoms. This permeable fabric is a geotextile, the same material used in all major road development. Created to hold the gravel, concrete and asphalt in place. Strong stuff.

Smart Pool Base protects against:

  • Rips in your liner caused by fine glass, rocks, tree roots and weeds
  • Sudden wash-outs caused by heavy rains and flooding
  • Sink holes caused by shifting sand due to drought or ground settling
  • Mold and mildew
  • Shifting of the liner wall
  • Liner-creep and movement
  • Foreign objects protruding through the liner

Creating a quality pool foundation is imperative for the safety and longevity of your above ground pool. Smart Pool Base is pre-cut to your pool size, with an 18" skirt outside of the pool, creating an outside barrier.