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Wilmette, IL 60091

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Meet Our Team

Dave Parmacek

Mickey Simon

Hey, I’m Mickey Simon and I’m Manager at the Wilmette The Great Escape. I am in my 16th year at The Great Escape and I’ve got a bachelor’s degree from the University of South Florida. My product specialty is casual furniture. I’ve been in the patio furniture business for over 40 years!

I love the products I sell because what we sell are things people enjoy. With that in mind, I get to sell and have a little fun doing it. If I don’t have a good laugh or two with a customer at some point in the process, I don’t feel like I’m going down the right path. The best part of my job is meeting different people every day and helping them find exactly what they want or need for their situation.

When they come back and tell me how well the party went or how happy they are with everything they’ve bought over the years, that is satisfying. Most of the customers around this store are professionals and between work and children’s schedules, they don’t have a ton of time. I try to listen more than I talk, so I don’t waste a lot of time. But I also try to have a little fun. Whether it’s a funny comment or showing people how they can have fun with colors on their furniture, they pick up on my passion and seem to appreciate it.

There’s not a lot of free time around here, especially during our busy season, but I do enjoy running outside and hiking in Arizona.

What makes The Great Escape unique? We’ve got different product categories for the different seasons of the year. This makes our business model much more competitive than stand alone stores who have to keep their in-season prices high to cover the cost of overhead in the off season. So when you come to our store, you know you’re going to get the lowest price. The Great Escape has been around for over 45 years because it hires sales professionals with experience.

Come find us in the Edens Shopping Plaza. You won’t be disappointed!