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Shipping & Availability

Important: It is our goal to provide you with a fantastic shopping experience. Please call ahead to confirm availability of an item before visiting your local Great Escape.

How do I maintain my Rubber Dockie?

Just unroll your Dockie and play! If the Dockie gets a little dirty just wipe it off. At the end of the season, simply hose it off, dry it and roll it up.

​Can I tow my Dockie behind a boat?

No, never tow the Dockie behind a boat or water craft. Towing the Dockie behind any kind of watercraft or boat voids the warranty. 


Can I leave the Dockie out all night?

To keep your Dockie in the best shape we recommend to keep it rolled up when not in use. 


How is the best way to attach my Dockie to a dock or boat?

Make sure your Dockie is able to drift safely and always make sure your Dockie is a safe distance from any hard surface, such as a dock or underwater obstruction.


Will sharp objects puncture my Dockie?

The Dockie is not indestructible, please keep away from sharp, projecting objects or edges. Sharp objects (dog claws, jewelry, fishhooks, etc.) might scuff or slightly tear the foam surface (but they will never deflate the Dockie). These minor surface abrasions in no way affect the fun, safety or buoyancy of the Dockie. 


Can I jump onto the Rubber Dockie?

The Rubber Dockie is not a trampoline; do not jump onto the Rubber Dockie.


Will the Dockie fit on my boat?

The Dockie is the ideal boat accessory, simply roll your Dockie up and stow on deck. The Dockie easily rolls to about a
24-inch diameter and is six feet wide. 


Is the Rubber Dockie Made of Rubber? 

No, unlike the name, the Rubber Dockie is made of closed cell foam. "Closed Cell Foam Dockie" didn't sound very cool.

Care and Maintenance


This product is to be used for non-commercial water recreation with proper adult supervision.  This is not intended as a flotation device.  It is recommended that all users wear a US Coast Guard personal flotation device (PFD) life vest before entering the water.  Users of this product assume all risk of injury. 

The safe location for use of your Rubber Dockie is in sufficiently deep water, away  from boat traffic and clear of obstructions, such as piers, docks, rocks, sandbars, etc.  After you find the ideal location to place your Rubber Dockie, attach the leash directly to an anchor or mooring to keep it from drifting away. If you plan to leave it in the water for an extended period of time during the day, you should attach a buoy or marking flag.  It is not intended for use on land or in swimming pools.




  • Your Rubber Dockie is not a toy that is designed to be pulled or towed behind a boat or personal watercraft and as such does not have any braking or steering devices.  Towing it is dangerous and could cause damage to the foam.  
  • Common sense should dictate the number of persons allowed on the Rubber Dockie at one time. 
  • Never allow a child to use the Rubber Dockie without supervision.
  • Do not swim or play under the Rubber Dockie and do not dive from the Rubber Dockie.
  • Do not jump from other objects onto the Rubber Dockie.
  • Never use the Rubber Dockie if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  Do not attempt to swim from the mat to another object or the shore if you are fatigued. 
  • Never use the Rubber Dockie during storms where lightning is present, before sunrise, or after dark. 
  • Inspect the Rubber Dockie, tethers, cords and anchors for wear or defects before every use.  
  • If the mat is anchored, precautions should be taken to eliminate activities that could cause entanglement in the tether leash or anchor rope.


The Rubber Dockie is made from cross-linked polyethylene foam and does not require any other floatation device or air, so set up and maintenance are simple.  Use a sponge to wipe off any foreign material or debris that could scuff or damage the surface.  UV rays are damaging to the surface and could cause fading and hazing of the surface if left in sunlight for weeks at a time.  To prolong the life and appearance of your Rubber Dockie, keep it dry and protected from sunlight and the elements when not in use.  



Rubber Dockie Floating Water Pad

from Rubber Dockie

Free Shipping Over $50

The optimum value in recreational floating water mats. Rubber Dockies are a safe and wholesome boating accessory that anyone can enjoy. Make a normal day on the water into a lifelong memory.

Rubber Dockie 18 Ft 

  • ​18 ft. x 6 ft.
  • High grade 2 ply closed cell 1 3/8 inch foam 
  • Includes 12 ft. bungee tether
  • ​Pair of Velcro storage straps
  • ​Tuff-Hide outer membrane
  • Tear-Stop nylon inner rebar matrix 
Great Price: $699.99
Save $250.00 right now! $449.99
Giant Floating Water Pad - Giant Floating Water Pad
Estimate Shipping Cost To: 
Price: $449.99
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