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Directions to Apply The Pool Pillow Pal

  1. Find the center of your cover and mark with a marking tab.
    • You can simply do this by folding the cover in half, then half again and mark the center point on the underside of the cover (water side).
  2. Remove the plastic backing and attach the white Pool Pillow Pal to the cover by aligning the die-cut hole over the marking tab, making sure the area is clean and dry before application. Use firm pressure while applying to the surface of the cover and pillow. Apply the black Pool Pillow Pal to the center of the air pillow.
  3. Inflate the pillow to about 60%-80% of its capacity, then line up The Pool Pillow Pal patch on the pillow with the one on the cover and connect with firm pressure.
  4. Lift the cover with the attached pool pillow and place into the pool making sure the pillow is between the cover and the water. Position the rest of the cover onto the pool evenly and secure per cover manufacturers instructions. 

You are now DONE and your Pool Pillow Pal will do the rest until it's time to go swimming again next season!

The Pool Pillow Pal Tips


Our BEST TIP to install and center your ice-compensating pool pillow is to use The Pool Pillow will make the job 10X easier!


Also, to get the most life and best function from your pillow, here are a few other tips tips:

  1. Inflate your pillow to only 60%-80% of capacity. This will allow for compression from ice and snow. If it is fully inflated, the pillow won't compress enough, or will pop too quickly.
  2. Use pool and spa silicon lube (the stuff you use on your o-rings) around the valve of the pool pillow. Makes for a better seal.
  3. Put some duct tape over the valve and seal.
  4. Make sure the valve is facing the cover, not the water, when installed.
  5. Cover manufacturers recommend after covering your pool to put about 1 inch of water on top of the cover to assist with stabilization in windy conditions.
What it does and why you need it

What It Does (and why you NEED it!)

According to industry experts, most pool cover warranties are void unless ice equalizing air pillows are used! Ice equalizers are designed to absorb the ice pressure.

The Pool Pillow Pal changes the way that pool owners will close their swimming pools at the end of the season by creating a simple method of attaching the pool air pillow to the winter cover through our specially designed connecting device. It effectively integrates the air pillow to the center of the winter cover allowing them to be placed on the pool and removed from the pool as one simple unit.

The conventional method uses ropes and ties which secure to at least two points on the pool pillow and then secure to the frame of the pool at two or more points as well. Pool owners have been frustrated with this process for years because it is difficult and cumbersome to try to center the pool pillow, secure it to the pool frame and then somehow drag the winter cover over the pool pillow. The pool pillow often shifts out of place and occasionally will tear, or the ties break or become detached and the pool pillow is off to the side of the pool and is not serving its full purpose, which is to compensate for and evenly distribute ice as it freezes on top of the winter cover.

The Pool Pillow Pal eliminates those problems and more by using a specially designed industrial strength hook-and-loop technology formulated for subfreezing conditions and is not publicly available. The Pool Pillow Pal connects the items you use (pool pillows and winter covers) and works with all shapes and sizes of pillows and covers to to make it easy for you to cover your pool!

Your pillow will remain secure and centered in your pool throughout the winter protecting your expensive pool, and also due to its design, it will act act an anchor for your cover during windy conditions, protecting your cover from excessive wear and tear while keeping it more secured to your pool!


Do You Have any Questions? Here Are some Helpful Answers...

Do I need to use a pool pillow?
Yes. If you live in an area where the temperature gets below freezing you should use a pool pillow. To see exactly WHY, you can read The Pool Pillow Pal story by clicking the link to the left. The pool pillow is a low cost device to help protect your pool and cover throughout the winter from the encroaching ice and snow, and The Pool Pillow Pal makes it is so easy to install!


Does the pool pillow have to be centered?
Yes. The pool pillow should be fairly centered within the pool to allow for even distribution of ice. If the pillow is off to the side, there will still be an area to compensate for the encroaching ice, but this often puts a strain and tugs on the pool cover due to the uneven distribution of ice and snow. Also, in the spring when the ice thaws, you will be left with heavy, large chunks of ice which can shift and damage your cover, liner and pool walls.


Do I need a really long pool pillow with an oval pool?

No. Most pool pillows available are roughly 4 feet by 5 feet which is adequate for the majority of pools, round or oval. If for some reason you plan to use a tubular pool pillow, which are usually about 4 feet by 8 feet or 4 feet by 15 feet, we would recommend using two Pool Pillow Pal's spaced. Follow the directions and center one, then put another one about 2 or 3 feet on one of the sides to prevent twisting. In lieu of a really long pillow, some people have placed two regular size pillows in their pools, in which case just use one Pool Pillow Pal on each pillow.  

Can I "tent" the cover to prevent ice and snow from forming?
No. This will put too much strain on the winter cover and on the walls of your pool and could likely damage the pool. Also, there is no device that will prevent all the ice and snow from accumulating on the cover, and once is starts, it will cause a dip in the cover and more and more ice and snow will accumulate placing greater strain on your pool and cover.


Can I just use a hook-and-loop product "off-the-shelf"?

No. The Pool Pillow Pal is specially designed to attach to the substrates of winter pool covers and pool pillows in subfreezing conditions. The problems with publicly available products is that the adhesive will either not stick to the substrate or during the cold weather it will break down and no longer secure the objects together and it will not perform its function.


Can I use The Pool Pillow Pal with an In-Ground Pool?

Yes. The Pool Pillow Pal is used by owners of in-ground pools who use soft covers when they close their pools and water bags around the edges to hold it down. Many in-ground owners use a large air pillow (4'x8' or 4'x15')in the center of their pool to shed water and debris to the sides of the pool to easily drain the water and remove the debris. Otherwise, the debris gets scattered across the cover, often making pockets in the center of the cover which make is very difficult to clean and remove the unwanted debris. Without The Pool Pillow Pal it is very difficult to tie in an air pillow and get the cover over the top of it due to the larger sizes of most in-ground pools and covers. The Pool Pillow Pal make it so easy!

Purpose, Process and Placement

Pool Pillows; Purpose, Process and Placement

There's a lot of P's in that title, and we usually try to avoid "P" when we talk about swimming pools, although there are three additional P's at the end of this article you won't want to miss, so keep reading. Many pool owners, especially people who have above ground pools and live in climates that get below freezing, have to use a pool pillow under their winter covers when they close their pools for the season. If you ask them why they use them, many won't know and will probably say it's just something they were told they have to do (that was us for several years). Others may say it is to keep debris to the side of the pool so the cover can be easily cleaned off, or to keep water off to the side so the cover can be easily drained. Those are side benefits, not the purpose of pool pillows.


The purpose of a pool pillow, or the technical name of "ice compensator", is to compensate for the accumulation of rain, snow and ice over the winter months which will inevitably build up over time. By placing an air-filled pool pillow under your winter cover you create a void in the water and on the top of the cover, so when rain and snow falls, and ice accumulates and pressure builds on the cover, the ice will have a place to expand, which is inward toward the pillow. Without having the pool pillow, the ice will expand outward placing pressure on your pool walls causing potential damage to your cover, liner or pool walls. The pool pillow is cheap insurance policy for your expensive pool. Make sure you inflate the pillow to only 60% to 80% of its capacity to allow for compression. Using tire tubes or exercise balls won't perform the same function as a specifically designed pool pillow which is meant to compress.


The process of using a pool pillow when closing above ground pools has been a very frustrating part of pool ownership for many people over the years. Inflating the pillow, tying strings to two ends on the flimsy grommets, trying to get the pillow in the center of the pool then tie the strings to the sides of the pools is usually a 2-person job, often with a similar conversation each year; "Is it centered yet?"..."NO!"..." How about NOW?" "NO, over to the right more!" Assuming you eventually get it centered and tied in place, you now have to drag the winter cover over the top of the pillow which is a very difficult process. You need at least two people and sometimes have to wait for a nice breeze to help lift the cover over the pillow, or use a pole to poke the pillow under the cover while lifting the edge of the cover with another pole, etc. Often times what happens, the grommets on the pool pillow tear or the string breaks, and the pillow floats freely to the side of the pool.


This is not good, because the placement of the pool pillow is an important aspect of its function. Having the pool pillow centered in the pool provides for an even distribution of ice and snow, which is better and more effective throughout the winter as well as in the spring when the ice melts, minimizing large chunks of ice. Also, the side benefits mentioned above, having the pillow centered makes it easier to remove debris, ice chunks and water from the cover.


The three additional P's I mentioned at the beginning of this article were born out of this frustrating process; The Pool Pillow Pal. It is a device which connects and centers the pool pillow to the winter cover without the hassle of ropes or ties. Simply attach the white cover patch to the center of your winter cover (round or oval) and the black pillow patch to the center of your pool pillow. Inflate the pillow between 60% to 80% of its capacity, connect the pillow to the cover, and float the cover and pillow in place as one integrated unit! It's that easy!

In Ground Polls Too...

In-Ground Pools Too!

The Pool Pillow Pal can make closing an in-ground pool easier too! Many owners of in-ground pools typically use a soft cover over the pool and water bags on the edges of the cover around the pool to keep it secure through the winter. The cover will lay flat on the water, and over time, will accumulate snow, water and ice...and lots of debris such as leaves and twigs, and an occassional rodent or two!


Using an air pillow between the water and cover will shed the water and debris to the sides of the pool making pumping off the accumulated water and the removal of this unwanted debris much easier. With the size of some in-ground pools, pulling the cover over the pillow tied into the pool was VERY difficult, and finding a place to easily tie in the pillow was hard too. But with The Pool Pillow Pal you can easily attach the air pillow to the bottom of your winter cover and float the pillow and cover in place, and have it remain centered and secure throughout the winter.


We recommend using a 4X8 or a 4X15 foot pillow for most in-ground pools. With your winter cover laying next to the pool (water-side facing UP), find the center of the cover and placetwo of The Pool Pillow Pal's white cover patches evenly spaced lengthwise on the bottom side of the cover along the center-line (the side that will face the water). Spacing them about 4'-6' apart for an 8' pillow, or 8'-10' for a 15' pillow works well. Of course, make sure the area on the cover where you apply the patches is clean and dry.


Lay the "un inflated" air pillow on top of the winter cover adjacent to the white cover patches you installed. This way you can line up the white cover patches and apply two black pillow patches to the air pillow in allignment with the white cover patches. Keep the black pillow patches along the center line of the air pillow.

Attach The Pool Pillow Pal's together with firm pressureand inflate the air pillow to approximately 50% or 60% of capacity with a pump or shop vac while it is attached to the cover (you can also use the tips we suggest about applying a little spa lube around the nozzle and duct tape over the top after inflating the pillow). You now fold the pillow onto the water with the cover on top and float it into place and secure as you normally would.


You now have The Pool Pillow Pal holding the air pillow in the center of your pool allowing for easy water and debris management throughout the year and at spring time!

The Pool Pillow Pal

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 It is a low cost/high value product because it helps pool owners with a task they have to do every year.Closing your pool is not an option, you have to do that. Being frustrated by the process IS optional, and to avoid the frustration, try this product once...we guarantee you will be STUCK on it!


It is an easy to install reusable device which connects and centers your pool pillow to your winter cover without any ropes!

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