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Natural Chemistry's line of enzyme products provide the modern pool with a natural method for combating organic matter in your pool water. These enzymes act as catalysts in specific chemical reactions; feeding on oils, fats, detergents, wastes and vegetative cellular matter (like dead algae cells). Enzymes are present in every living thing, and though they are not themselves "alive", they consume organic matter as if they were. Sun-tan oils, cosmetics, body oils & wastes and decaying micro-vegetation are just some of the organics that contaminate water in pools and spas. These combine with air-borne soot and fumes, and with the sanitizer used to keep the pool bacteria free, to create:

  • Water line build-up or a "bathtub ring"
  • Chloramine build-up and other chemical odors
  • Short cycling of filters and reduced filter life
  • Cloudy water due to organic saturation

Natural Chemistry's Pool Perfect and Pool First Aid are natural enzyme based formulas coupled with natural botanical extracts that gently, but powerfully, biodegrade organics in your pool water. Everywhere in nature, natural enzymes are busy breaking down complex organics to their original chemical building blocks. That's how your body's digestion works, that's how oil spills are cleaned up, and that's how composting works. It's all natural! Oils and organics are recycled back into their original building blocks.

By eliminating organics continually in your pool, several benefits occur:

  • Chemical shocking is reduced (often by 50%) or more
  • Filter media soaking or cleaning with harsh, toxic chemicals is reduced or eliminated
  • Scum line on the tile is eliminated, and prevented from coming back
  • Fat caused foaming is also eliminated
  • Pool water is noticeably cleared, cleaner, and softer

Proven under the toughest conditions, Natural Chemistry's enzymes are used on a grand scale:

  • Walt Disney World's Typhoon Lagoon and Resorts
  • Universal Studios - "JAWS"
  • Wet N' Wild Water Parks
  • The Pool Janitor's Pool
  • As well as 2,000 other resorts, water parks and cities

Pool First Aid

from Natural Chemistry

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Natural Chemistry's Pool First Aid combines powerful concentrated natural enzymes with a fast acting polymer clarifier for quick and easy clean-up of:


  • Dead algae
  • Oil leaks & hydraulic spills
  • Antifreeze residue
  • Vandalism
  • High organic waste loads


Pool First Aid will quickly free clogged filters of oils and organic build-up. No other product will remove dead algae more quickly and efficiently…in most cases no back washing is required. 

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