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1 qt. Bottle

Recommended initial dose on new fill for average spa is 8 oz.

Ingredients: A blend of metal controling ingredients

Product Use: Use this product to prevent metal staining and corrosion caused by metals in the water. Add only once per spa or hot tub fill.

Spa Metal Control

from Nature's Way

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Specially formulated to prevent brown and green water due to metals in your hot tub & Spa Water Metal Control gives pool owners to eliminate dissolved metals that can occur in city water, preventing ugly staining from even having a chance to form. Metal Control's concentrated liquid formula removes iron, copper, and manganese in pool as well as attacking any stains or discoloration caused by the presence of these metals. This product can also be used as a pre-treatment for upcoming shock or chlorine treatments, preventing any reactions from happening between these chemicals and any dissolved metals, saving you from any potential problems.

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