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  • Non-Chlorine Shock Treatment can be used with both chlorine and bromine sainitzer's
  • Removes Dead organic material from spa water, 
  • Reduces and Eliminates Foul Odors and Musks
  1. Remove the spa or hot tub cover before shocking, and leave off for at least 1 hour after shocking
  2. With the pump running, disperse Spa Shock into spa or hot tub. Add to water with circulation jets on
  3. Wait at least 15 minutes before entering water
  4. After each application, run your pump and filter system continuously for at least 1 hour

Spa Shock is proven to keep water clear and odor free, with spa use allowed just 15 minutes after application. This product is an oxygen-based oxidizer that reacts completely with organic waste. It breaks down organic waste that can lead to the formation of chloramines. Chloramines cause cloudy water with odors and irritation to spa users. Spa Chlorine Free Shock is a great alternative to shocking with chlorine, which can affect pH levels.

Spa Shock (2.25 lb)

from Nature's Way

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2.25 lb. Bottle

Active Ingredient: Potassium Peroxymonosulfate

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