Itza Masher

Itza Masher

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ItzaMasher Paddle - Improve your hand/eye coordination with this challenging paddle game, toss, catch and smash paddle balls in your backyard, in the pool or on the beach. The paddles are made of water resistant material, and are perfect for poolside and beachside plays. Like a tennis racket, these paddles catapults balls in mid air, and is perfect for inventive water games. Play tennis, catch or simply launch balls in the air with this nifty paddle. The paddle throws tennis balls across the deck and patio, and flings balls high into the air, making dare devil catches possible! This set includes 2 paddles and a paddle ball for hours of backyard fun with your entire family.

  • The paddle catches and catapults sports balls.
  • Play popular catch games with the whole family.
  • Material is ideal for use around water or at the beach.
  • Set includes 2 paddles and a paddle ball.
  • Perfect for picnics and pool parties.
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