Aqua Leader 54" or 52" Pearl Escape Parts

Aqua Leader 54" or 52" Pearl Escape Parts

Great Price: $5.99

Part Number - A - Inner Stabilizer ($22.99)
Pool Size - 12' Pool Height - 52"
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Part Number (1030009200) H Top Cap - The original Cap pictured is DISC and no longer available. Aqualeader is currently offering 10338380000 as the repalement for this top ledge.

Part Number (1020002254) have been discontinued and are no longer avaialble. They have been switched with 10238380004 (54").

Part number (1020002252) has been discontinued. The replacement option for the 52" Pearl Escape upright would be to purchase an Influence upright and top cap. (Link to Influence)

Use the picture to identify the part(s) you need and then select the cordisponding number in the options below to make your purchase. Be sure you select the correct size pool, some sizes/shapes vary based on size.

Please Note:  All above ground pool part sales are Final  - No Returns or Credit.

Above ground pool parts are not universal and can be difficult to identify. If you are not confident that you have chosen the right parts - please email us at before you purchase and we will attempt to help you identify what you need.

Keep in mind, your existing parts have probably faded from exposure to the sun and therefore may not be an exact match to the new parts you order. All orders are placed according to your selection, all sales are final.

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