Phos Cure Max

Phos Cure Max

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Phos Cure Max will help greatly to reduce the amount of phoshates in swimming pool water through the pool's filtration system, keeping pool water clear and sparkling. It can be used as a part of a weekly maintenance program or as needed to eliminate high levels of phosphates. 

  • One 16oz dose per 10,000 gallons will reduce up to 1,000 PPB of phosphates. 

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  1. Resolve any existing pool water issus, such as algae or water imbalances first. 
  2. Test Phosphate levels. Ideal levels should be below 250 PPB.
  3. With the cap on tight, shake container thoroughly before using. 
  4. Add 16 ounces of Phos Cure Max per 10,000 gallons of pool water directly to the pool skimmer will the pool's pump is running. Use more if phosaphates are higher than 1,000 PPB. 
  5. Run circulation and filtration system for 24 hours. Hazy water will clear during this time frame. Use Cloudy Cure, if cloudiness persists afterwards. Filters must be rinsed or backwashed to make sure high levels phosphates are properly removed.