Phos Cure Open & Close

Phos Cure Open & Close

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Phos Cure Open & Close is a unique all natural and broad spectrum formula that digests oils, lotions, and non-living organics(phosphates). It safely removes materials that cause water clarity problems and waterline build up. When using Phos Open & Close during the closing process, pool water will keep looking great until swimming season. 

  • In season, use Phos Cure Weekly or Phos Cure Max to keep phosphate levers down and keep water clear and sparkling. 

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  1. Make sure to balance alkalinity, ph, and calcium hardness before throughly shaking Phos Cure and Close then applying directly to pool water.
  2. Apply entire quart bottle of Phos Cure Open and Close, which treat up to 20,000 gallons of water.
  3. Allow filtration to circulate the product throughly. You can use the pool directly after using.