Opal Dining Collection

Opal Dining Collection

from Jensen Leisure

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By using only FSC-certified wood, Jensen Leisure Furniture is working to maintain the long-term well-being of the forests and the people who depend on them. The Ipé used in Jensen Leisure Furniture is certified to meet criteria of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), a non-profit organization that sets international standards for responsible forestry. By sourcing materials in this manner, Jensen Leisure Furniture is helping to conserve the rainforest and enhance the standard of living in its surrounding communities.

Ipe Wood Facts:  

  • Native hardwood from tropical dry forests of Bolivia.
  • Used for over two hundred years worldwide for furniture and decks.
  • Jensen only uses 100% FSC Certified timber.
  • Use only the heartwood.
  • Very tight, closed grain, smooth hand.
  • Opal is pegged mortise and tenon joinery.
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5 years against manufacturing faults or defect in materials.  Warranty does not cover fading, natural aging of the timber, or non-structural naturally occurring surface checking.

Dining Option #1- Opal 48" Round Table with 4 Opal Side Chairs

Dining Option #2- Opal 7' Rectangular Dining Table with 2 Opal 6' Flat Benches with Arms and 2 Opal Dining Arm Chairs

Dining Option #3- Opal 7' Rectangular Dining Table with 2 Opal Dining Arm Chairs with 3 Opal Side Chairs and Opal 6' Flat Bench

Dining Option #4- Opal 7' Rectangular Dining Table with 2 Opal Dining Arm Chairs with 3 Opal Side Chairs and Opal 6' Flat Bench with Arms

Dining Option #5- Opal 7' Rectangular Dining Table with 8 Opal Side Chairs 

Opal Dining Chair (with arms):Total Height: 34inches Total Width: 22inches
Total Depth: 25inches

Opal Side Chair:Total Height: 34inches Total Width: 19inches Total Depth: 24inches

Opal Swivel Dining Chair:Total Width:22.75 inches Total Depth:24 inches Total Height:34.75 inches

Opal 6ft. Flat Bench: Total Height: 16inches Total Width: 70inches Total Depth: 16inches

Opal 6ft. Bench with arms: Total Height: 16inches Total Width: 70inches Total Depth: 16inches

Opal 2.5ft. Bench with arms: Total Height: 16inches Total Width: 29inches Total Depth: 16inches

Opal 48:Total Width:48inches Total Depth:48inches Total Height:28inches

Opal Square Table: Total Height: 28inches Total Width: 41inches Total Length: 41inches

Opal 7ft. Table:Total Height: 28inches Total Width: 41inches Total Length: 84inches

Opal Chaise:Total Width: 25inches Total Length: 78inches

About Our Timber - Ipé

The background of Ipé

With over five million acres (twice the size of Yellowstone National Park) of FSC® certified forest under management, Bolivia is the world's leader in sustainable management of natural tropical forest. CIMAL/IMR, the manufacturer of the entire Jensen Leisure Furniture Ipé collection, is directly responsible for the management of approximately half of this area.

The Chiquitania Forest Reserve - Jensen Ipé comes from the 2,120,000 acre CIMAL/IMR Chiquitania forest reserve in Eastern Bolivia. The Chiquitania reserve is a unique formation of natural tropical dry forest. It is located in the southwest corner of the Amazon basin, lying directly west of the Brazilian Pantanal, the world’s largest continguous wetland. The Chiquitania Forest provides critical habitat for many rare and endangered animals, including the Harpy Eagle, Jaguar, the Howler Monkey, and numerous species of neotropical migratory birds.

Because of the nature of tropical dry forest, trees here grow very slowly. Consequently, some of the world's strongest and most durable woods come from the Chiquitania Forest. Ipé (also know as Tajibo in Bolivia), is among the most abundant tree species in these forests.

A strikingly beautiful brown color, Jensen Ipé weathers with strength and elegance.

CIMAL/IMR foresters carefully manage the Ipé in their forest reserves according to the demanding criteria of the Forest Stewardship Council™. Tree harvesting is planned to minimize impacts and preserve the forest’s natural biological diversity.

Ipé is incredibly strong and dense, with very high wear durability. A handsome chocolate-brown when new, the sun gracefully transforms Ipé to a mature, elegant silver patina.

One fantastic example of the durability of these timbers are the Ipé posts and beams found in the original Jesuit missions in Chiquitania dating from the 18th century. After more than 200 years in service these structural members are still sound.

Other applications where the strength and durability of Ipé has been long recognized are in the deck boards of the historic Solferino Footbridge which crosses the Seine River in central Paris, in the famous boardwalk at Atlantic City, NJ, and in the wood slats in all of New York City park benches.

Performance of Ipé

TimberSpecific GravityWeight (lbs/cm3)Bending Strength (psi)Hardness (lbs)Max. Crushing Strength (psi)Dimensional Movement in Service
Teak 0.55 40 10,700 1,000 5,500 Small
Jarrah 0.68 54 16,200 1,950 8,870 Medium
Ipé 0.97 75 28,000 3,680 14,000 Small