Greystone Collection

from Baran Ash

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The Greystone Collection   is the ultimate in design flexibility, offering two frame options and five luxurious cushion colors.

The Rust free Aluminum frame incorporates contour webbing and plush cushions for optimal comfort, while the stylish and oversized weave provides a timeless look. 

Shown: Driftwood 15mm frame, Canvas Taupe cushions with Canvas Linen welt




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Right Hand Armed Piece: 32"  W x 36"  D x 36" H

Left Hand Armed Piece: 32"  W x 36"  D x 36"  H

Armless Piece:  27"  W x 36"  D x 36"  H

45 Degree Corner piece:  63"  W x 36"  D x 36"  H

Deluxe Ottoman:  30"  W x 30"  D x 19"  H

Deluxe Coffee Table: 34"  W x 55"  D x 19"  H

Ice Chest: 22” W x 24” D x 22” H

Erie Etch Side Table:  28"  R x 22" H

Faux Wood Fire Table: 42" W x 42" D x 25"H

Faux Concrete Fire Table:42" R x 18" H

Erie Etch Fire Table: 58"  W X 36" D X 25" H

Faux Concrete Fire Table: 58" W  x 36" D x 18" H