Luna Dining Collection

Luna Dining Collection

from O.W. Lee

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Reminiscent of a dipping moon reflecting off the surface of a lake, Luna’s distinct semicircle profile is a new take on a classic look. With bold materials and generous cushioning, Luna is entirely unique in outdoor furnishings.

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Dining Arm Chair:Width/Diameter : 26.5 Depth/Length: 32
Height: 37.5 Seat Height: 20 Arm Height: 25.25 Weight: 50lbs

Spring Base Club Dining Arm Chair:Width/Diameter : 26.5 Depth/Length: 32 Height: 40 Seat Height: 21 Arm Height: 26 Weight: 57 lbs

Lounge Chair:Width/Diameter : 30 Depth/Length: 38.5
Height: 39.5 Seat Height: 20 Arm Height: 26 Weight: 62 lbs

Swivel Rocker Club Dining Arm Chair:Width/Diameter :26.5 Depth/Length:32 Height:38.5 Seat Height:20 Arm Height:25.5 Weight:63 lbs

Swivel Rocker Lounge Chair:Width/Diameter :30 Depth/Length:39 Height:40 Seat Height:20 Arm Height:26 Weight:75lbs

Spring Base Lounge Chair:Width/Diameter : 30 Depth/Length:38.5 Height: 41 Seat Height: 21 Arm Height: 27 Weight: 60lbs

Love Seat:Width/Diameter :56 Depth/Length:38.5 Height:39 Seat Height:20 Arm Height:26.5 Weight:120lbs

Sofa:Width/Diameter : 84 Depth/Length: 38.5 Height: 39 Seat Height: 20 Arm Height: 26.5 Weight: 147lbs

Ottoman:Width/Diameter : 25.5 Depth/Length: 21 Height: 19
Seat Height: 19 Arm Height: N/A Weight: 25lbs

Adjustable Chaise:Width/Diameter :33 Depth/Length:80 Height:39.5 Seat Height:18.5 Arm Height:23.5 Weight:105lbs