Octagon 5 in 1 Game Set

Octagon 5 in 1 Game Set

from Mainstreet Classics

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With Mainstreet Classics, now you can rekindle family fun the way it was done on the main streets of America in years past. Mainstreet Classics packs traditional games into a unique stylish package you can show off to family and Friends. The 5-In-1 Game Set showcases a beautiful black leatherette storage case with reverse white stitching and removable cover. The set includes all the pieces needed to play chess, checkers, backgammon, dominoes and poker dice.

  • "Leatherette storage case with velvet interior
  • Decorative white running stitch
  • Reversible lid with chess, checker, and backgammon playing fields
  • Backgammon/checker playing pieces (15ea. 11/16"" x 7/16"")
  • Natural and stained wooden chess playing pieces
  • 28 piece set of double six dominoes
  • Set of five poker dice
  • Playing instructions"
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