Chess - Checkers - Backgammon Slate

Chess - Checkers - Backgammon Slate

from Mainstreet Classics

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One slate, three games, endless fun. Copy: Three games in one that take you back to the oldest form of social media: face-to-face competition. Hours of one-on-one strategy and face-to-face fun. Copy: What better way to spend time together than trying to outthink each other in a friendly game of checkers, a strategy-filled chess match or a tactical game of backgammon? All three of these games are classics and all three are here in one set. It’s fun to the power of three! We put them all together, it’s your job to figure out which game to start playing first.

  • Backgammon/checker pieces
  • Chess playing pieces
  • 2 pair of dice and 1 doubling cube
  • Storage bag (similar to canvas)
  • Game instructions
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