Lucas Pool Table

Lucas Pool Table

from Plank & Hide

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The Lucas Pool Table combined with unique, subtle accents creates an eye-catching look that will fit any décor. Boasting abundant and comfortable seating along with ample storage, this game room offers high style and clever functionality.

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Finish: Nutmeg,
Built Dimensions: 101"Lx57"Wx32"H
Weight: lbs
Cube: 31.5 ft


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Plank & Hide has been handcrafting heirloom quality billiard tables for close to 20 years. Today, they apply their rigorous construction standards to every single piece of furniture from their game room collections.

Over the past two decades, Plank & Hide has perfected the construction quality of their pieces, doing away with block and bolt construction in favor of the very same 100% wood joinery techniques used in the some of the world's finest handcrafted furniture.

These details make all the difference, and will enable your family to enjoy your Plank & Hide game room collection or billiard table for generations to come.

1. Artisan Crafting

To conserve costs, most billiard table manufacturers ship their tables in pieces and then assemble them off-site. In most cases, the first time these pieces are ever assembled is in your home. However, at Plank 7 Hide, to ensure optimal quality construction and a perfect fit, we insist that our trained artisans assemble both the frame and cabinet at our factory before they are shipped. In order to ensure that the dynamics of design are not compromised during assembly, absolutely no table weight is ever supported by hardware. Our artisans craft each table the old fashioned way, employing only time-tested wood joinery methods throughout the construction process. Because of our dedication to these proven techniques, you can rest assured that your furniture table has been crafted in its entirety by the finest of woodworking professionals. 

2. Furniture Finish

English Tudor, Walnut, Mahogany, Cherry, and Brandy are just a few of the custom-blended stains used in the creation of Plank & Hide Game Room Collection furniture. We use only the finest quality wood stain finishes to bring out the natural warmth and beauty in every piece of wood. We believe that for a piece of furniture to display a spectacular finish, it must first be properly prepared. Our state-of-the-art sanding equipment, built specifically to Plank & Hide specifications, ensures the very finest application of our finishes. In addition, our use of precise, computerized controls insures consistent stain application and unsurpassed surface durability.

3. Leather Billiard Ball Pockets

We custom-design a full portfolio of traditional leather billiard ball pockets to uniquely complement each of our table models. These classic design accents are just a few of the details we add to elevate our billiard tables from basic pool tables to refined pieces of game room furniture.

4. Table Legs

It is hard not to notice the perfect symmetry and compelling design details of an Plank & Hide billiard table leg. We create each leg individually by bonding custom-select hardwoods, grain against grain, for maximum strength and support. Once our artisans carve each table leg, we employ meticulous sanding techniques to unsure the finish meets our precise specifications. Our master design artists then expertly proportion the leg to the cabinet body to create truly eye-catching combinations. Our proprietary Heirloom construction provides unmatched table strength by utilizing a unique solid wood one-piece corner that is mitered, doweled and glued to a decorative transition plate, which helps funnel the weight of the table's slate directly to the floor. This process results in 100% cabinet and slate support using time-tested wood joinery. Plank & Hide also employs another time-tested manufacturing process called the Triple Anchor Gusset system (T.A.G.). We will begin by mortising, or recessing, the cabinet wall to accept our 2-inch solid wood anchor blocks, which we then glue and bond into place. Once this step is complete, we secure our 2 inch mitered and tapered wood gusset plate to the anchor blocks, thereby locking the corner into place to prevent the table from racking and shifting. The T.A.G. system ensures your table will remain square and level for many years of family enjoyment. Our one-piece post leg tables incorporate yet another unique and tested manufacturing process we call Top Shelf. This patent-pending design prevents the use of any mechanical fasteners to support the weight of the cabinet or slate. We can accomplish this by meticulously carving the back of the post leg to create a shelf. This shelf provides a space where the cabinet panels rest. It is clear to see that the Top Shelf design is the only way a one-piece table leg should be built.

5. Cabinetry

Our rock-solid cabinetry serves as the foundation of your Plank & Hide billiard table. Our keen-eyed artisans select only the finest raw materials to create your masterpiece, while our quality control professionals focus close attention on each piece of wood looking to match grain patterns and alternating growth rings to create a beautiful canvas that will stand the test of time. Inside the billiard table itself, our proprietary Magna-Board provides unparalleled slate bed support across its smooth, seamless surface. We build in even more support by installing twin one-piece center beams to ensure that this cabinetry stays square and true forever. In addition we interlock these cross-laminated beams and mortise them into all four cabinet sidewalls to prevent any cabinet warping or twisting. The end result is a billiard table that is as strong as it is beautiful.

6. Rails

Our precision rail tolerances and 100% natural gum rubber cushions deliver the rebound accuracy demanded by tournament professionals. We engineer our Sure Shot natural gum rubber rail system with both a professional control fabric and an acceleration arch. This unique combination ensures unparalleled accuracy by preventing abnormal ball acceleration and deflection. To create the finest quality billiard rail we glue together two pieces of dissimilar wood species. This combination produces a solid rail that will not split, crack, or cup. The Posi-Anchor rail mounting system allows our factory-trained installers to position and properly torque the rails to our Prima Classe slate surface, insuring crisp, clean and accurate rebounds, shot after shot. Our interlocking blinds are dadoed and permanently bonded to the table rails, completing the custom furniture build while dramatically increasing the table's durability and overall appearance.

7. BCA

The Billiard Congress of America is the governing body that regulates the billiard industry. All of our American Heritage billiard tables meet or exceed the stringent BCA specifications and guidelines. We simply will not cut corners when our reputation is on the line.