Hot Tub Should be Drained & Refilled 3x a Year

Hello Hot Tub Owners,
Although the weather has not been great throughout the midwest, Springtime is here. If you have not done a drain and refill on your hot tub yet, soon would be a good time.
Remember, a spa should be drained and filled three times a year.
Optimal timing for all three would be: early spring, middle of the summer, and late fall. That way the weather should be temperate during this minor maintenance.
When you do a fresh fill, you can add the 'Metal Control' while the spa is filling. Once filled, adjust your PH accordingly, then add Sani Chlor (chlorine), and Spa Shock. Please always allow time in between adding chemicals. This lets the chemicals dissolve and dissipate properly, for maximum effectiveness and safety.
It's also a good idea to leave the spa open when you add chlorine or shock. This allows any vapors to escape, and due to the oxidizing shock, keeps your tub fresh and smelling great!
Please feel free to bring in a water sample to any of our stores. We will be happy to test your water for free. We can then also answer any questions you may have .

Happy Tubbing!