Goalrilla Basketball Technology: Unparalleled

How does each and every one of Goalrilla’s basketball systems achieve this prestige?  Goalrilla integrates the same advanced technology in every basketball hoop.  No other system on the planet can match Goalrilla’s unique and innovative engineering.  Below are the key features included in every single Goalrilla basketball unit:

Tempered Glass Backboard:  Limited lifetime warranty.  Full perimeter all steel support frame provides maximum rebound support.  The radius edge aluminum frame protects the tempered glass backboard from any would-be damage.

One-Piece Steel Pole: Uncompromised strength.  Welded gussets maximize stability and eliminate pole flex at its base providing longer and stronger utility.

Welded Wide Span Board Arms: Mitered and welded for superior strength.  Even more support to the ever-sturdy backboard.

Pre-assembled Pro-Style Flex Rim:  Impervious to Ultra Violet rays (sunshine) as well as corrosive damage.

Dupont Power Coated:  Adds additional protection from Ultra Violet rays and corrosive damage

Dacromet Coated Hardware:  Even more corrosion protection

All Steel, Precise Height Adjustment:  Incredibly easy-to-use operating system that adjusts the goal height from 7.5 ft. to 10 ft.

Rock Solid Anchor Bold Mounting System:  Allows for easy leveling.  If you move to a new home, your system can move with you.  Includes rebar steel rods to reinforce and strengthen concrete.