What Patio Material is Right for you?

Our backyards became a sanctuary. A place where we can safely experience Spring’s flourishes while still adhering to social distancing. With all the extra time spent out on the patio, it’s important that it feels comforting and inviting—a place we want to be.
So, maybe it’s time that part of your home receives a little more TLC. A great place to start is with patio furniture.
Because there are a lot of different materials to choose from, we created a handy guide to picking out the right furniture based on your design tastes and specific needs. Some materials require more care than others, while some are my suited to certain environments.

Steel is sturdy, can endure extreme temperatures, and often has a powdered-coated finish, making it rust-resistant.
Because of this, it is hard to dent and can withstand both the coldest winters and hottest summers.
However, it needs a coat of liquid car wax yearly, in order to keep the finish looking as beautiful as the day you bought it.
It’s great if what you want is a retro-feel to your backyard patio.

These pieces generally require a bit more care than other materials, but they’re worth the extra effort. Natural materials like pine, cedar, or teak offer a warm, rustic look to any backyard space.
Wood is not as durable as other materials, and for that reason, it’s a good idea to keep coasters handy and to move furniture underneath an awning when there is extreme weather.
Many are sealed with varnishes that both enhance the natural beauty of the wood and make them more resistant to sun and rain. That being said, it’s best to try to keep your furniture dry in order to preserve the integrity of the wood.
Aluminum is by far the easiest, most durable patio furniture material on the market. If you want something incredibly low-maintenance and while look great year-round, aluminum is just the ticket.
It can withstand any weather and is more rust-resistant than any other metal. In addition, it’s light-weight, so you can re-arrange furniture with ease and to your heart’s content.
Too keep it in tip-top shape, cover chips in finish with a paint (as close to the color of the furniture as possible) to prevent oxidation and rust!

Resin-wicker is great if you like the neutral, earth tones of wicker, but want furniture that is weather resistant and easy to care for.
It is a synthetic material and can withstand humidity, rain and snow. Many resin-wicker pieces are UV-resistant, meaning the sun won’t cause them to fade or crack. Most resin-wicker furniture has an aluminum frame, and as we stated earlier, aluminum is the sturdiest patio material!
But, if you’re unsure whether your resin-wicker furniture is UV-resistant, simply move it out of direct sun-light when you’re not using it.

Wrought Iron
Wrought iron is distinctive and elegant and known for its heft and sturdiness. It makes a truly beautiful backyard space! And, due to its fortitude, there is no need to worry about a gust of strong wind knocking this furniture over. Many are treated with finishes to help them resist harsh weather. But, much like wood—it requires a level of thoughtfulness and care!
It’s best to keep these patio pieces out of the rain, as they are prone to rust. Much like aluminum, you can maintain wrought iron by sealing blemishes with paint. If you spot any rust, simply sand the area and touch up with some of that trusty paint.