Your Ideal Pool Float Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Things are heating up and we’re sure you’re itching to go for a dip. But with all of the awesome float offerings at The Great Escape, choosing the right one can feel a bit daunting. 


We’re here to make that choice a little easier for you with this guide to your perfect float based off of your zodiac sign.


If you find one you love (and come on—it’d be hard not to), simply click on the name of the zodiac bellow the float and it’ll link you out directly to your dream float. 



Aries are the babies of the zodiac. They’re charismatic, energetic go-getters. Always the life of the party—always making moves. 

This red gummy bear float is a perfect representation of the fire-y and whimsical Aries!



If your sun-sign is Taurus, there’s a good chance you like the finer things in life. You enjoy a bit of decadence—luxury clothes, expertly prepared meals, and (of course) good wine. 

Any Taurus would find themselves delighted to be lounging, holding a drink like their scepter, on this Rose’ pool float. 



Gemini—the hungry mind. You are always in pursuit of intellection discourse. This float gives you plenty of space to stretch out and contemplate. Conversely it offers enough room for you and someone else (or your proverbial twin) to get lost in conversation. 



This float is a bit of a double entendre. Cancers are known for their love of domesticity as well as their emblem: the crab. They put down deep roots and uphold familial relations above all else. The Sun Canopy Baby float allows you and your youngling to enjoy the water. 



Boisterous and summery Leo! There’s ample room for you and your big personality on this float. It’s loud and festive—kind of like you. Plus, you’re bound to be center of attention, which we know you like. 




Ever thoughtful, you know what you need and that’s what you stick too. You don’t bother with all the frills—it’s just not your style. That’s why this sleek, modern, and well-designed float is perfect for you. You can lounge comfortably on this luxury float with two cupholders while everyone else on their impractical—albeit cute—floats struggle to figure out what to do with their drinks. 




Empathetic, people-pleasing and oh-so-sweet Libra. You have such care so deeply for others. And you absolutely love Love. That’s why this soft-pink, heart-shaped floatie is right up your alley. 




A float as cool as you are. Scorpios are calm, composed, kind of mysterious and perhaps the most refined of the zodiac. That’s why we think this bourbon float is for you. What’s more sophisticated than a bourbon on the rocks? 



Although a fire-sign, Sagittarius is a lot like water—it’s adaptable. It’s able to fit into the large spaces just as easily as it’s able to fit into the small. And if that sounds kind of metaphysical or philosophical, perfect. Sagittarius is nothing if not concerned with the philosophical. While everyone else is on floats that keeps them above the water, Sagittarius has no problem wading in it. In fact, they enjoy it. 




The Hustlers of zodiac. While others are idle, your ambitious nature keeps you moving. Here’s a float that’ll lend itself to your go-getting nature and aid you in being a serious “pool”-shark. 



Beyond your visionary, revolutionary idealism, Aquarius is a sign that stresses humanitarianism. You’re the shepherds of the world. Which is why this float pair--- one for you and one for the little guy—is emblematic of your philanthropic personality.


Pisces is the oldest of the zodiac and has a little bit of all the other signs represented in their nature. They’re creative and a bit dreamy. Let your mind drift on this rainbow float-- the colors representing the various shades that make up your personality. Rest your head on the clouds, because we know that’s where your head is at usually.