Oh, the Places it Can Go! Where to Put Your Hot Tub

A hot tub is not just a small pool full of hot water. They’re much more special! They come in many shapes and sizes with amazing features to help you and your family relax.

The most common tubs are made for outdoor use and can be placed just about anywhere, provided that the base for the tub is solid, within an inch of being level, and away from moisture. A hot tub’s adaptability opens up all kinds of design possibilities, which can be overwhelming. To inspire you, we’ve gathered a few pointers to get you started on creating your new outdoor oasis.

  1. Place the spa on pavers to instantly make it the centrepiece of your yard. Think of it as a beautiful painting except all of your neighbors can use it.
  2. Compliment your pool and have the best of both worlds: warm up and cool off! There truly will be something for everybody.
  3. Coordinate your tub color with the wood stain of your deck, tying it all together. A better view doesn’t hurt either.
  4. Add a gazebo or pergola to add a bit of privacy. Not only will you block the view of nosy neighbors but you’ll also give your outdoor living space a stylish upgrade.
  5. Build around your new masterpiece! Get creative with designer walkways, custom decking, large planters, garden lighting, and more.
  6. Accessorize the space with comfy chaise lounges, an elegant towel rack, a colourful cantilever umbrella, and a sleek walk-up bar. For the truly luxurious, add a sparkling firepit with cushioned rockers to enjoy a glass of wine after a wonderful hydro-massage.

We’ve included inspirational spa scenes featuring Bullfrog and Jacuzzi spas. Check our “Be Inspired” section on our website for even more amazing backyard retreats.