Tips to Extend Your Patio Season Year Round

Fall is drawing near and homeowners are starting to think about how to keep enjoying their outdoor space despite the drop in temperatures. Fall is one of the best times to enjoy time outdoors due to the beautiful change in leaves as well as more comfortable temperatures. Check out these helpful tips to extend your patio season year-round:

Add A Heat Source

Cooler temperatures will mean that you may need some added warmth while relaxing under the stars. Consider adding a heating source to your outdoor space to provide heat as well as comfort. Fire tables provide a beautiful and constant flame to outdoor spaces as well as provide a heat source for cold hands.

Stock Up on Blankets

Set a stack of dedicated outdoor blankets near outdoor seating areas in order for guests to easily grab one if the wind picks up. Outdoor blankets don’t have to be fancy but should provide an extra layer of warmth and be easily accessible. Make sure to regularly clean those blankets that have been sitting out for a while in order to provide clean options for guests.

Install a Hot Tub

There is nothing like going outside to warm up in a steaming hot tub despite the outdoor temperatures. Many area homeowners enjoy hot tubs even in the dead of winter as a luxurious option for outdoor recreation. Hot tubs are available in a wide range of sizes and styles that can fit any budget and family size. You’ll be the most popular person on the block with a hot tub as many neighbors will want to take a relaxing soak after a hard day at work. Invite a few friends over and enjoy the outdoors even in the coldest of temperatures!

Add Extra Lighting

With the sun setting earlier and earlier many homeowners will need to add extra lighting to their outdoor areas in order to enjoy outdoor fun even after the sun goes down. Consider choosing a wide variety of lighting options like hanging patio lights and tabletop options in order to vary the lighting sources around the entirety of your outdoor living space. Adding extra lighting will also provide more ambience and raise the level of comfort in the atmosphere of your outdoor living space.

Cover It Up

Many outdoor living spaces can become quite different when covered with a gazebo or patio roof. Consider adding a permanent roofing option to your outdoor space or choose a temporary option that can easily be removed during warmer seasons. Adding a barrier like a roof between you and the elements will help extend your use of the outdoor space. Enjoy sitting out during a rainstorm or even during a peaceful snowfall in order to enjoy every part of the year. There are even options for hot tub covers in order to enjoy that area of your outdoor space all year long despite the weather forecast.

Creating an outdoor living space that is useable year round is not only great beneficial to the homeowner (and guests), but can also increase a home’s resale value. Using these tips and tricks, you can create a truly relaxing outdoor ambiance–right in your backyard.

Make sure to add comfort and warmth to your patio by providing a heating source as well as cozy blankets for guests. Add a hot tub to your patio and cover up your patio with permanent gazebos or temporary covers is a great idea for extending your patio use, as well as, adding extra lighting so that you can stay outside longer. Consider any or all of these helpful tips to extend your patio season year-round in order to enjoy every season outdoors. What are some additions you like to use to extend your patio season?


Nannette Walker is a gardening and design writer with a passion for growing her own food. She loves to make quirky decor using recycled elements, she is also a music lover, always making time for a sing along with her guitar.