Great Pool Experience in Schaumburg

To Whom it May Concern,
I wanted to take a moment to share a great store experience at your Schaumburg location.  The store Manager Michael Cortina was very helpful and knowledgeable with all of the questions we had in purchasing a pool.  After our pool purchase there was a problem with a missing pool part.  Michael went well out of his way to fix the issue.  He obtained the needed part, personally delivered it, and worked with the installers to allow our project to continue that day.  It was greatly appreciated as it kept other work we were having done on time.  Michael really went out of his way and we wanted to share what a good experience this was and how grateful we are. 
We have had only good experiences at the Great Escape Schaumburg.  John has patiently answered many questions and kindly had the installers contact us to make sure we were clear on the install process, we really appreciated his help.  On Wednesday the 29th I brought in a sample of pool water to be tested before we used the pool for the first time.  The young woman (I wish I would have caught her name) tested the water and explained patiently and so well what everything means when checking water.  
Michael Cortina and the team at Schaumburg's Great Escape has been wonderful to work with and took a lot of the stress out of being a new pool owner.  We really appreciated the customer service at this store and look forward to making future purchases there.
Michael and Lori Capesius