Happy Home Gym Customer in Algonquin

My husband and I bought a home gym from your store recently, and I just wanted to give props to Tony H. (not sure of his last name) but wanted you to take notice, you have a great sales person in him. We had been shopping around for awhile trying to find one and went thru several sales people in doing so at the stores we went to and I didn't get even close to the level of service that Tony gave us . He showed us how to use the gym, showed us all the features , and just really took his time with us and I didn't feel any pressure at all to buy the gym from him , not once. He was very knowledgeable about the product and he personally, sealed the deal with us. He is a phenomenal person and we are so glad we had the opportunity to have to met him and very glad we finally found a gym we like and just feel all around great about the purchase. Thank you so much to Tony for your kindness and in helping us. I will surely come back to your store in particular for any of my home needs. 

-Y. Reinke