Foosball Rules


Foosball is fun game for the whole family. Table design has come a long way and can seamlessly blend into any room of the house. Let’s go over some of the basic rules so you can start playing!


Getting Started & Serves


The classic is to play one-on-one but you can also play with teams of two.


We love when the official game rules say that you should determine who serves first based on a coin flip. So grab a coin and flip. If you win the toss you get to choose the side of the table you want to play on and take the first serve.


Game Play


The goal is to score 5 points first. It doesn’t matter who knocks the ball into the goal it counts as a point - so no argueing that you accidently knocked it into your own goal!


There are a few no-nos:

  1. No spinning the rods

  2. No jarring the table or jamming the rod to shake the table


If there is a dead ball, meaning it is stuck between two rods, the ball can be picked up by whoever last served and they serve again. Also, if the ball somehow leaves the field of play the last team to serve, re-serves.

Foosball has gotten very popular in recent years including tournament play. There are very specific rules for tournament play. If you plan to take your game to the next level make sure you do your research. We just want to keep it simple so you can have more fun at home.