Stocking Your Home Bar

So you finally have your own home bar. Congrats! It’s time to stock up on the essentials. After all, a bar is only as good as what it's equipped with. See below for our guide on what you should always have on hand in a home bar.

What good is a bar when you can't make a cocktail?! Make sure these items on yuor shopping list once your bar is set up.
- Jiggers
- Shaker
- Bar Spoon
- Lighter
- Decanter
- Pairing Knife
- Strainer
- Ice Pick

- Wine Glasses
- Martini Glasses
- Champagne Flutes
- Coupes
- Tumblers
- High Ball Glasses
- Rocks Glasses
- Whiskey Glasses
- Brandy/Cognac Glasses

When choosing glassware, tools and decorative items, make sure to go with your own personal style and the style of bar you chose. We like the idea of matching to the style of your new bar. For example, the Emilio Decorative Bar by American Heritage pictured above is a very classic look so traditional etched glassware would go best.

Don't forget the ingredients!

- Orange Juice
- Cranberry Juice
- Pineapple Juice
- Lemonade
- Tonic Water
- Club soda
- Grenadine 
- Bitters (whichever you prefer)
- Simple Syrup

You may be asking, what about the alcohol? Our favorite solution is hosting a Stock the Bar Party. This way you receive things you might not normally buy. Also, you get to show off your new bar to all your friends.