5 Tips To Maintain Your Spa In Winter

Using your outdoor hot tub during the colder months is a great experience. It’s a delightful mix of hot water with the cool winter air on your face. There are a few things to keep in mind when keeping your spa open in the winter:

  1. Before it gets too cold, drain and thoroughly scrub your tub then refill. You will not want to do this once it’s below freezing so get it done now.
  2. It’s always good to have extra chemicals and filters on hand. The Great Escape always has these available but it’s smart to be prepared.
  3. Keep your spa covered! This may seem obvious but make sure you keep a lid on when not in use. This makes sure your hot tub doesn’t have to work too hard to heat up your spa.
  4. Check over all pipes to make sure you don’t have any leaks. You don’t want anything to freeze and expand in the winter. Most spas have a freeze protection system so make sure that is turned on.
  5. Maintain your water temperature. It takes more energy to warm up your hot tub when it’s cold. This way it is always ready and you won’t have to wait! This also is an extra safeguard against freezing.

Most importantly enjoy your tub all year and don’t forget your fuzzy robe for when you get out!