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Sani Chlor (2 lb)

from Nature's Way
Concentrated Chlorine Specially Formulated to Kill & Control The Growth of Bacteria in Hot Tubs and Spas. Sani Chlor provides users with a concentrated, stabilizing granular chlorine specifically designed for disinfecting hot tubs and spas, enabling users to quickly treat water, simply by adding a few small pellets. Sani Chlor's concentrated formula can tackle any job, and it's compatible with most common sanitizing systems, including chlorine, bromine, and ozone.
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? 2 lb. Bottle Dosage Directions To Chlorinate: 1. Add 1/2 oz. Sani-Spa Concentrated Chlorinating Granules per 500 gallons of water to the water prior to entering the spa. 2. Wait 5 minutes then check chlorine residual. 3. Residual chlorine must read between 2 to 3 ppm. 4. If it does not, additional dosages of material should be aded until it does. 5. Once the chlorine residual is established in the 2 to 3 ppm range, the spa or hot tub may be entered. To Maintain: 1. Sani-Chlor should be added daily or as necessary to maintain 2 to 3 ppm residual chlorine. 2. Frequent checks should be made of residual chlorine using a reliable test kit. 3. Sani Chlor chlorinating granules should be broadcast over the surface of the water and allowed at least 5 minutes mix time before sampling. Note: Heavy bather usage or the use of oils or lotions may increase the chlorine demand of the spa or hot tub resulting in the need for more frequent checks of chlorine residual. Check pH: 1. pH should be monitored with a reliable test kit and maintained at 7.2 to 7.8 range for clean, sparkling water, pH can be decreased by adding a suitable agent such as sodium bisulfate or increased by adding a suitable agent such as sodium bicarbonate. Superchlorination: 1. It is good practice to superchlorinate every 2 to 4 weeks. 2. To superchlorinate add 1 oz. of Sani Spa for each 500 gallons of water. 3. Thoroughly clean spa, vacuum and cycle through filter. 4. Resume program when chlorine residual reads 2 to 3 ppm.

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