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Benefits of Nature2

Minerals such as silver and copper have long been known for their sanitizing antimicrobial properties. With Nature2 cartridges, we bring that natural sanitization to your swimming pool. Nature2 is proven to allow you to reduce chlorine use up to 50% and is guaranteed to kill bacteria and control algae. Nature2 works to optimize your system and reduce the use and effects of traditional harsh chemicals. That means less red eyes, itchy skin, and unpleasant odor. Enjoy pool water, naturally.

We offer multiple cartridges, so whether you have an above-ground or in-ground pool, whether it's a chlorine or salt water sanitizing system, there is a Nature2 cartridge that's right for you. We offer: "G" style for Professional G, and Pro G Plus; "A" style for Above-ground A, and Pro A Plus; "Express" style for in-ground and above-ground Express vessels; "DuoClear®" style for DuoClear salt water chlorinators and Nature2 Fusion systems; "Swim Pure" style specially designed to fit inside Hayward® brand cartridge filters; "M" style for M vessels; and "Cartridge Filter" style.

Replace your mineral cartridge every six months to keep your pool clean, clear, and algae-free. Enjoy the benefits of natural mineral sanitizing with Nature2 cartridges.


  • Six month GUARANTEE – Kills bacteria, controls algae, won’t stain.
  • Reduce chlorine use up to 50%.
  • Optimizes your system and reduces the effects of harsh chemicals.
  • Family and environmentally friendly.
  • Create a safer pool experience -- Residual sanitizing effects continue working long after chlorine is depleted.

How do I know if Nature2 is working?

The best test is improved water quality; you'll notice a big difference. Visual clarity and sparkle shows Nature2 is working properly.

Is Nature2 a filter?

No. A filter simply removes particles and debris. Nature2 sanitizes pool water by destroying bacteria which are too small to be caught by a filter. You still need a filter when using Nature2 system.

Is Nature2 an "ionizer"?

No. Ionizers electrically discharge copper (or metal alloy) ions into water. Ionizers can deliver ions via an electrical current (electrodes) or salt dissolution.

After it's installed, will pool maintenance change?

Yes, you will reduce chemical use and maintenance time. Basket cleaning, vacuuming and water testing will be the same as before, but the water balance will be easier, meaning there's simply less to do.

May Is Water Safety Month

Pools are a great asset to any home or community, however, rules must be set and enforced, manuals must be read and re-read, and knowledge of proper water safety is key to avoiding preventable accidents. Every parent should teach his or her child(ren) to swim at an early age. 

• Set pool rules and stick by them.

• Never dive in an above ground pool or shallow water.
  Nine out of ten diving injuries occur in six feet of water or less.

• Post depth markers to accurately identify the pool depth.

• Keep these basic safety items by the pool at all times:                         

1. Shepherd’s crook or long-handled hook                                    

2. Life ring preserver-coast guard approved                                   

3. First aid kit including written instructions on how to administer CPR

• Never leave children unattended or even out of eye contact in your swimming pool.

• Make sure pool is inaccessible to children when unsupervised or you are away from home.

• Don't leave toys around the pool or in the water.  They could encourage an unsupervised child to enter the pool area.

• Make sure you are aware of local requirements concerning fencing around pools.

• It is a good idea for all family members to become familiar with CPR

• In case of emergency, call 911 immediately. It is a good idea to have a phone available in the pool vicinity.

• Be aware and prepared for unsafe weather conditions.  All swimmers should leave the water immediately as soon as you see or hear a storm to prevent possible electrical shock.

• Keep all chemicals sealed and out of children’s reach. Always follow all directions on label.

• Never mix chemicals together.

• Always add chemicals to water, never the reverse.

• After handling chemicals, clean hands thoroughly.

• Never put a quick dissolving chlorine tablet or granular chlorine into an automatic chlorinator or floating dispenser.

• Pool alarms are recommended for families with small children or pets.

• Many serious pool accidents involve alcohol. Remember alcohol and pools don’t mix!

• Glass and sharp objects should not be used on or around the deck of the pool.

• All electrical equipment (including power supply cords) used with or around the swimming pool should be protected by a ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFI) at the power source. Your licensed electrical contractor always supplies this circuit. Serious injury and even death can result from improper electrical hook-up.




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