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Sundance - The Innovator

Milestones, Honors, and Industry First


  • Introduction of CLEARRAY™ Water Purification System
  • Exclusive hybrid Focus-Relief™ Jet
  • Exclusive SunSmart™ iPhone® App
  • Exclusive status indicator light


  • Introduction of Select™ Series


  • JBL stereo System Designed Exclusively for Sundance Spas


  • Synthetic Base – Impervious to moisture
  • TerraStone™ Cabinet – The look of real stacked stone


  • Docking Station Made for iPod and Auxiliary MP3 Jack Standard with SunSound Stereo option*
  • SunSpa Check™ Status Display – Check water temperature from inside your home (optional)
  • External LED Accent Lights – Fit on the spa cabinet corners (optional)
  • MicroClean Plus™ water filtration*
  • Fluidix Nex™ Jet


  • Earned Good Housekeeping Seal
  • Consumers Digest “Best Buy” Sundance Cameo™
  • SMT Fluidix™ – Introduces Fluidix jets to the 780 Series
  • Fluidix Reflex™ Jet - Next-generation design in the patented Fluidix jet series


  • Dynamic Flow™ Circulation Pump – Moves seven times more water per minute than typical systems, at virtually the same energy cost
  • MicroClean™ II water filtration*
  • AquaTerrace™ Waterfall


  • SunSound™ SNC Stereo and Remote – Exclusive Spa Noise Compensation (SNC) feature automatically adjusts stereo volume based on spa pump settings*
  • Vortex™ Jet – Latest innovation in jet technology, developed and designed by Sundance, utilizes no moving parts*


  • Fluidix Intelli-Jet Exclusive, patented jet adjusts to provide steady or pulsating stream using bearingless technology*
  • Water Quality Award – Sundance was the first and only spa manufacturer to receive an award from the Water Quality Association for spa water filtration*
  • Consumers Digest “Best Buy” Sundance Solo™


  • SunZone™ mixing chamber
  • SunStrong™ synthetic cabinetry
  • MicroClean™ water filtration*


  • Accu-Ssage™ Therapy Seat with patented Fluidix ST™ jets*
  • Two-part, color-coordinated ComforTone™ headrests*


  • Sentry Smart™ Heater with titanium coil*
  • SunZone™ CD ozone system


  • Introduction of exercise spa and SunSport™ aquatic exercise system


  • Consumers Digest “Best Buy” Sundance Optima™


  • Distribution in over 60 countries


  • Exclusive Intelli-Jet™ variable/adjustable hydro jet*


  • Exclusive PermaClear™ water cleansing system*


  • Electronic, topside pH and ORP monitoring system*


  • Consumers Digest “Best Buy” Sundance Cameo™
  • Built-in SunScents™ aromatherapy dispensing system*
  • Four-jet vertical jet system*


  • Accu-Ssage™ Therapy Seat in all models


  • Use of Direct Pressure™ System technology*


  • Rigid Bond™ shell construction*
  • U.L.-listed ozone system for underskirt installation*


  • Built-in assist bars*


  • Wide-mouth Slipstream™ skimmer with 20″ floating weir gate*
  • Replacement of air channel system with SilentAir™ Injection System*
  • Built-in Brominator™*
  • Recessed, molded pillows*


  • Whirlpool therapy jet*


  • Application of electronic technology to spa control systems*


  • First to incorporate recessed jets*


  • Sundance Spas opens manufacturing facility in Costa Mesa, CA

The Four Components Of A Viking Spa

Although not all spas are created equally, it is a fact that all portable spas have four primary components: the shell, the plumbing, the cabinet & the power system. Viking believes that the greatness of the individual parts is what make the greatness of the whole spa. That is why they focus on using only the best components, made exclusively in the USA to know that their spa will provide the therapy and dependability that customers demand.

Viking spa.jpg

The Shell:
Made of a virtually indestructible thermoplastic, Vikings High Density Polyethylene is impervious to delamination seen when acrylic is either backed by fiberglass or a differing material rigidizer like ABS. Blistering or cracking are also not evident in our product. Their revolutionary HDPE shell is to the spa industry what the invention of plastic bottles were to the soda industry. Or for that matter what fiberglass was to the auto industry to prevent rusting in automobiles. Products made with HDPE range from containers to children's toys. HDPE is in virtually every industry because of its durability and value. Therefore, Viking is pleased to be the leading producer of HDPE spas to the spa industry.

The Plumbing:
Viking is proud of its relationship with WaterwayTM. Where many spa manufacturers now use jets manufactured in China that have "similar" design characteristics to WaterwayTM, the simple fact remains that the dependability and quality of WaterwayTM is phenomenal. Working with this leader in the spa industry, Viking has balanced it's plumbing system to provide unrivaled power behind every jet.

The Cabinet:
Vikings investment into molds and tooling to produce our cabinet panels have given them an edge. No longer reliant on glue and staples to hold together panel boards, their one piece injection molded panel provides years of carefree maintenance.

The Power System:
Once again, Viking has turned to the best power pack provider in the industry, BalboaTM to supply all our power systems. Matched with WaterwayTM Executive Series Pumps, their power system is backed by two of the oldest suppliers in the industry.

Choosing The Right Hot Tub Jet Combination

There seems to be an obsession in consumers’ minds with hot tub jet count when it comes down to determining which spa is suitable. The number of hot tub jets alone does not guarantee a good massage. A combination of the right hot tub jets in the right formation ensures a good massage.

•    A great spa massage includes hot tub jets that are the right size for a specific muscle group with the appropriate intensity.
•    All spa jets are made to direct water flow. You can customize a massage by controlling the flow. Divert water flow pressure from one seat to the next and turn the hot tub jets off and on individually to personalize your massage.
•    Many hot tub jets are designed to move back and forth. A rotating stream of water replicate a hand circling, or rubbing certain areas of your back.

Hot Tube Maintenance

Hot tubs are substantial assets that should be maintained properly. If you have never owned a hot tub, the thought of maintaining one may seem overwhelming, but in reality, maintenance is rather simple.

A few minutes a week are all that is needed so that you and your family will enjoy using your hot tub for years to come. Hot tub maintenance doesn’t require a lot of skill, but you do have to know what to do and when to do it.
Hot tub maintenance.jpg
From the exterior to the interior to water chemistry, here are some tips for proper hot tub maintenance.

Because your hot tub cover is exposed to the elements, it is important to use a vinyl protector to extend its life and appearance. Vinyl cleaner should be used only on the top of the cover; you don’t want any of the cleaner’s chemicals to get into your hot tub and possibly affect the water’s chemistry. To clean the underside of the cover, use a garden hose. To dry the hot tub cover, just let it air-dry (needless to say this should be done on a warm or sunny day).

Hot tub acrylic shells are non-porous surfaces so they prevent dirt or germs from getting embedded within the shell. Hence, acrylic shells on most hot tubs are simple to clean. Still, just like anything else that sits outdoors, the shell can get dusty. Wiping the shell down with a damp cloth periodically will keep your hot tub looking as nice as the day you bought it.

However, to ensure clean, clear water, there are still some basic chemicals, such as chlorine, bromine, baquanine or mineral based purifiers, which you will need to add to the water to kill standing bacteria and other germs. Chlorine is one of the most common and widely known water sanitizers. When the water care basics are followed hot tub water chemistry can be maintained in just a few minutes a week. The right configuration will be based on the size, make and model of your spa as well as how often you use it. Cleaning your filter on a regular basis is also necessary to lengthen the hot tub’s life.

Proper hot tub maintenance will help your spa retain its beauty and performance, and ensure it continues to be a source of stress relief, relaxation and family fun for years to come.

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